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Taharah – Purity

I will be shortly going on a long journey and I wish to take my Qur’aan so that I can pray. The question that I have is that the Qur’aan will be stored in the traditional (Jasdan) material cover. Am I able to touch the Qur’aan whilst it is in the Jasdan with or without wudhu? Thank you for your time.

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I have a question regarding shaving/removing hair from ones private area. Which area’s are Fardh (compulsory) for a male to shave? JazakAllah

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Salam, I would like to remain anonymous. I have a question regarding nocturnal emission. Can you please tell me for which one would it be Fardh (incumbent) upon an individual to perform Ghusl (Bathing) and for which one would Wudhu (ablution) alone be sufficient?

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