Seven Kings Muslim Educational Trust

Services & Facilities

At Seven Kings Masjid our mission is to advance the Islamic faith through the provision of a wide range of spiritual, educational and social services enriched with Islamic values that fulfil the needs of our local and wider community

The following is a brief synopsis of what we do:

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Naturally the Masjid offers public worship facilities for the obligatory prayers which are performed five times a day, and the Jummuah, Eid and Taraweeh prayers.


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Spiritual Development

Since its establishment, the Masjid has been proactive in the development of spirituality and moral standards in the community. This is achieved through a wide range of activities including educational lectures, study circles, seminars, events and most importantly through Tabligh Jamaat.  By this we try to ensure that we ourselves are practicing upon Islam and we are inviting all Muslims to do the same.

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Youth and Social Development

The Masjid is the cornerstone of any Muslim community, and therefore needs to provide for it’s’ intellectual, social and cultural needs.  This role and function has never been more important considering the challenges of the present time. In order to fulfill this need, with guidance and leadership from our learned scholars the Masjid has activities that include:

  • Sporting activities
  • Clubs and recreational gatherings