Seven Kings Muslim Educational Trust


The Masjid provides various services to the community that include:

  • Five congregational prayers, Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha including Jum’ua and Eid prayers. Prayer times can be viewed here or a PDF can be downloaded from the Downloads & Other Resource page
  • Islamic education for children aged 5+. For more information visit the Madrasah page
  • Provides regular talks in different languages including English and Urdu. For more information visit the events page
  • Nikkah (marriage) services performed in house. Visit the Downloads & Other Resources page for more information
  • Assistance in Funeral services
  • Children activities and clubs
  • Many more activities

The Masjid also has TWO licenced Nabishi ‘Azan’ transmission systems, Analogue and Digital. Analogue Frequency number is 454.406250 channel 2. Digital Receivers can be purchased from the Masjid.