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Madrasah Document Downloads

QuranIMG Quran Explorer

Use Quran Explorer to practice your Qur’an recitation. Choose your favourite reciter and listen with correct tajweed.

Click on the above link to open Quran Explorer in a new tab.

QuranIMGAhsanul Qawaid

The Ahsanul Qawaid is famous for helping children and beginners, across the world, learn to read the Quran.

Digital version, of Ahsanul Qawaid also includes the voice of a professional Arabic Speaker to help correctly illustrate how to pronounce each Letter, Word and Phrase in the book! To activate the voice just point the mouse over the letter/word/phrase and click to hear the speaker.

Click on the link to open the Ahsanul Qawaid in a new tab to practise the Arabic Alphabets.

QuranIMG Hadith Explorer

In Islam, the Arabic word sunnah has come to denote the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Messenger of Allah, lived his life. The Sunnah is the second source of Islamic jurisprudence, the first being the Qur’an. Both sources are indispensable; one cannot practice Islam without consulting both of them. The Arabic word hadith (pl. ahadith) is very similar to Sunnah, but not identical. A hadith is a narration about the life of the Prophet (PBUH) or what he approved – as opposed to his life itself, which is the Sunnah as already mentioned.

This eBook is 4 Hadith collections in one and contains over 18,000 Hadith from the following:

  • Complete Sahih Bukhari
  • Complete Sahih Muslim
  • Complete Malik’s Muwatta
  • Partial Abu Dawud

Click on the above link to open Hadith Explorer in a new link.

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf)

This web site uses files in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document format (pdf).

This format is useful for forms where you expect the document to be printed and the layout to be preserved.

To view or print these files you must install the free Adobe Reader or another PDF reader program such as the Foxit Reader.