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Arabic Course – 18 November 2014

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Teacher: Mufti Abdul Kaium

28 Week Short Course

Every Tuesday 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Arabic Course 18.11.14

Starts 18th November 2014

Cost: £15 a month (7 months)

This course is targeted for beginners who wish to learn the grammar and essential language skills of the Arabic language. There will be a specific focus on conversing in Arabic.

The basic course requirements is that prospective student should be able to read the quran.

Any questions or for Enrolment contact Mufti Saab on:

Email Picture

Mobile sign07956 776 089

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  1. assalah mu alikum, I want to re learn the quran, i feel ashamed but its something i need to do again. for a long time i was embarrassed, Allah has blessed me and made me confident to admits this. i want to start from the beginning i do remember some thing not all.

    Anam Ahmed

    March 7, 2015

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